Learn About the Health Impacts of Orgasms!

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Sex is a pleasurable thing for most people. In addition to the pleasure it can bring, did you know there are also health benefits? In fact, for women, orgasms can have a long list of positive impacts on the body and on the mind. 

Keep reading to learn about the health impacts of orgasms from the experts at Avant Gynecology.

Physical Benefits

First, let’s dive into the physical, positive effects orgasms can have. 

Alleviates Pain

Women have regularly reported that if they were experiencing certain types of pain or discomfort, such as a headache, they find that it subsides after having an orgasm. This can be attributed to the fact that during an orgasm, large amounts of endorphins are released, which can impact how your body is experiencing pain.

Boosts Fertility 

Regular orgasms do many things to help boost a woman’s fertility. Examples include increasing the chance of pregnancy at any point during a women’s cycle, drawing in more sperm, and also boosting the immune system to help assist with fertilization. 

Helps with Heart Health 

For both men and women who regularly participate in sexual activity and experience orgasms, they will experience a lowered risk for hypertension, rapid heart rate, and most cardiovascular diseases. 

Helps Out Your Immune System 

After orgasming, the levels of white blood cells in your body increase. This means that your immune system has a boost for fighting off any illnesses.

Mental Health Benefits 

Physical health isn’t the only area of health that’s impacted by orgasms. Here are the ways your mental health can also benefit. 

Deeper Connection with Partner

When you orgasm, a large level of the hormone oxytocin is released into your system. This is a powerful tool to help foster a stronger connection with your partner. That’s why after-sex cuddles can be a fantastic thing to engage in. It builds a stronger connection with your partner that only increases the enjoyment of your relationship. 

Increased Focus 

Similar to the above effect, the hormones released after an orgasm has been shown to increase the amount of brain activity you experience. This means more focus, better sleep, less stress, and a better ability to think through problems. 

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