Avant Gynecology Introduces Pro-Nox™ for Enhanced Comfort in Gynecologic Care

At Avant Gynecology, we strive to ensure our patients feel at ease while receiving top-quality care. Gynecological exams and procedures can be uncomfortable and anxiety-provoking for many women. To address these concerns, we are excited to introduce Pro-Nox™, a safe and effective patient-controlled analgesia system designed to make your experience more comfortable and less stressful.

An FDA-approved analgesic, Pro-Nox™ offers a mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen to relieve pain and anxiety. The rapid-acting analgesic is self-administered by the patient using a system that dispenses the gas upon inhalation. During the procedure, the patient holds a disposable mouthpiece to inhale, controlling the amount of Pro-Nox™ needed for their comfort. Once you stop breathing the nitrous oxide, the effects wear off completely in a few minutes, so you can resume your normal activities shortly after the procedure. This cutting-edge technology allows patients to be in control of their care.

Avant Gynecology offers Pro-Nox™ as a self-pay, add-on service to procedures such as IUD insertions, biopsies, and other in-office surgeries. Patient comfort and safety are our top priorities. For more information about adding Pro-Nox™ to your gynecological care experience, call 404-352-2850 to schedule a visit.