Best Practices to Keep Your Vagina Clean

A happy woman holding up her hair, wearing white on a a pink background, learning best practices to keep your vagina clean.

Walk into the feminine product aisle at a store of your choosing and you’ll find all kinds of flowery-label products claiming to be just what you need to keep your delicate areas clean. Yet, is all of that really necessary to keep your vaginal area clean? Here are a few best practices you should know to keep your vagina clean.

Steer Clear of Heavily Scented Feminine Washes

Things down below really should not smell like roses, daisies, and perfume. Your vagina naturally has a scent that happens as a result of the ongoing cleansing process it does all by itself. This odor is normal, so trying to cover it up could cause more harm than good. Ladies who rely on heavily scented feminine washes can be more prone to problems like urinary and yeast infections because the fragrances irritate the delicate balance in their vaginal area.

Be Careful of How you Wash and Clean your Vaginal Area

Cleaning your vagina should be a gentle process and one that takes place outside of your vagina and not inside. Using douches and other feminine hygiene products to clean out the inside of the vagina can cause some major problems. Your body does this for itself, so there’s no need to introduce something foreign to keep the area clean.

Plain-jane Water is Usually the Safest Bet

It sounds crazy to a lot of females, but the truth of the matter is just plain old water usually does the best job of keeping your vagina clean. Water is not acidic and does not contain ingredients that could disrupt the pH balance inside your body. Water will also not kill off the good bacteria down there that keeps everything harmonious.

Overall, your vaginal area should stay fairly clean on its own without a lot of products or extras beyond water. If you have issues with feminine odor, it could be a sign that something else is wrong. Reach out to us at Avant Gynecology to schedule an appointment.

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