The Importance of Finding the Right Bra Size

A woman wearing a yellow tank top with tap measure around her breasts, trying to figure out the right bra size for you.

Have you ever felt a reluctance to head out onto the track or even climb on a treadmill? Do you put off going to the gym, despite telling yourself over and over that this is the year? Are you frustrated every time you enter the exercise section of your local department store?

Most importantly: is the problem your breasts? If so, you’re not alone. Many women have difficulty finding the right bra size that offers comfort and fit, making exercise painful, distressing and even embarrassing.

In fact, evidence indicates that ill-fitting bras have been linked to a reluctance towards exercise, which isn’t ideal. Exercise is critical for heart function, longevity, warding off disease, improving sleep and mood, enhancing libido, and more.

Luckily, the answer is easier than you think. One study suggests that “The reported relationship between breast pain and fitness/activity levels may offer an alternative treatment in the form of exercise intervention strategies to reduce breast pain.” In plain English, getting a bra that fits and stopping the girls from bouncing around may be just the ticket to encourage you to lace up those running shoes a bit more often.

Additional studies indicate a similar lack of breast education in the younger populations as well, often driving teen girls out of sports. This makes it even more imperative that adult women set a good example by finding a bra that fits and promotes exercise today.

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