Three of the Most Prevalent Birth Control Myths Debunked

a close up of birth control!

Birth control is more available now than it has ever been before in history, and in the United States, 98 percent of women have taken birth control at some point in their reproductive life. Though it is common for women to use a medically available birth control in some form, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there that need to be debunked.

Myth: There is no need to be on birth control while you are breastfeeding.

Some new mothers completely avoid birth control after giving birth because they intend to breastfeed, and breastfeeding has been touted for years as a natural way to prevent pregnancy. However, there is no truth behind this fictional information. You can still ovulate while breastfeeding; you just may not ovulate as usual or be quite as fertile because it can lower hormone levels. Pregnancy is still a very real possibility.

Myth: Being on birth control for a long time can compromise your fertility later.

You can get pregnant as soon as you stop taking birth control and that information applies to just about every form of contraception. Birth control works by changing hormone levels in your body, but when the contraceptive is gone, your level returns to normal and you can once again get pregnant. The primary exception to this rule is contraceptive injections that have a longer half-life in the system. However, even contraceptive injections should not cause fertility problems in the long run.

Myth: It is best to take a break from birth control occasionally.

It is true that birth control can have a few side effects, but long-term use really is not a concern with most contraceptives. Taking a break because you think it is a safe bet for your body could land you with an unplanned pregnancy. Modern birth control is incredibly safe to take long term, even if you don’t plan to get pregnant for many years.

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