How to Tell When You’re Ovulating: A Few Signs Every Woman Should Know

Young woman hiding behind a periods calendar and showing a positive pregnancy test, successfully knowing how to tell when you're ovulating

According to sources, if your menstrual cycle is absolutely on-point like clockwork and your cycle lasts 28 days, you should be ovulating around the 14th day of your cycle. Unfortunately, not every woman’s menstrual cycle works like clockwork, and sometimes, you are more fertile at other times of the months. Therefore, knowing the other signs that you are ovulating will be a bigger help if you have trouble tracking down the egg release according to your body’s cycle.


Because hormones change throughout your menstrual cycle, your body temperature can also change. Most women’s body temperature will slightly elevate when they are ovulating. This temperature difference can be slight, however, so you may not notice if you do not know your normal basal body temperature. Take your temperature daily and keep track of the readings. Over the course of a few months, you may be able to spot a pattern of when your temperature peaks slightly in your cycle. This will be a good sign of ovulation.


When your body is preparing for ovulation, the cervix will naturally release more mucus than usual. This mucus is slippery and clear, which is designed to help the entering sperm easier travel to the released egg. If you spot more discharge than usual at a certain point in the month, this could be the sign of ovulation.


If you are failing to catch the physical symptoms of ovulation, it is always worth trying the over-the-counter ovulation tests. These tests work by detecting levels of a certain hormone that is present in your urine just before you start ovulating. Best of all, most of the testing kits will have multiple strips that you can use for testing yourself as much as you need to until you do start your ovulation cycle.

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