Causes of Yeast Infections

Woman needs to pee because of a yeast infection.

Itching, burning, and painful discomfort — yeast infections are one of the most frustrating health problems a woman can face. While the occasional yeast infection is something easily treated, if you have more than four yeast infections per year, you may have a more difficult situation to contend with. In order to manage and prevent yeast infections, you should educate yourself a bit about the issue and the causes.


The vaginal area is naturally home to yeast that is present in the body. When the body’s pH balance gets disrupted, the yeast will multiply and accumulate to higher numbers, which causes the uncomfortable symptoms of a yeast infection. However, some women have recurring yeast infections because of a variant form of yeast that is more resilient to common treatment methods.

The delicate pH balance of the female body can be disrupted by a multitude of different things. Therefore, the root cause of a yeast infection can be a lot of everyday things, such as:

  • certain forms of birth control
  • using douches, scented soaps, or scented lotions in the vaginal area
  • excessive sweating
  • poor hygiene
  • a high-sugar or high-carb diet

Additionally, some medical conditions can make you more prone to yeast infections. For example, if you are diabetic or if you are pregnant, you may be more prone to yeast infections.

If you have frequent yeast infections, with or without the aforementioned causes, this is a condition you should speak to your gynecologist about. There are prescription medications that are better built to treat stubborn yeast infections than over-the-counter remedies. To learn more, contact Avant Gynecology to schedule an appointment today.

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