5 Things Women Should Talk About With Their GYN

For a lot of women, gynecological appointments make them feel a little uneasy. After all, the gynecologist is who you talk to about some of your most intimate problems. However, getting comfortable with your doctor is highly important, and you should never feel ashamed to discuss what you are dealing with in your life or with your body. Here are five things women should talk about with their GYN.

1. Feminine Odor

Your body naturally produces a specific odor around your vaginal area. But if something smells amiss, such as a strong ammonia odor, make sure you talk to your GYN. Strange odors can be some of the first symptoms of other serious problems, such as vaginal infections.

2. Sexual History

Your GYN is not in your life to judge you because of how many sexual partners you’ve had or how long you’ve been abstinent. A lot of women are dishonest or not completely open about their sexual history with their doctor, but these questions are important for your health. For example, a higher number of partners may mean you are more at risk for HPV or cervical cancer.

3. Lacking Sex Drive

If you’ve been lacking sex drive for a while, it’s something you can and should mention to your doctor. Lacking sex drive can be indicative of hormonal changes in your body that are not normal that can be treated.

4. Unusual Urinary Habits

Maybe you’ve been hitting the restroom a lot more often or perhaps you have issues with bladder control. These issues don’t usually arise without a cause. So, if you are having changes in urinary habits, make sure you tell your GYN so they can help determine the cause of the issue.

5. Odd Growths

GYNs see about every issue you can imagine. So, if you have something odd growing in your vaginal area or something out-of-the-ordinary happening with your breasts, you should never feel awkward about bringing it up.

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