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Differences, Barriers to Access, and What We’re Doing to Help

LGBTQIA community members often face major obstacles to receiving fair treatment and access to healthcare. Tragically, OBGYN services are no exception to this serious issue. At Avant Gynecology, we recognize the importance of correcting this harmful trend and effort towards making our offices a safe space for all.

Keep reading to learn more about OBGYN Visits for the LGBTQIA Community and how they can get access to the quality services they need and deserve.

Different Experiences, Different Needs

No matter what they are, your sexual orientation and gender identity play an important role in the type of gynecology care you need.

Access to services like gender reconstruction, assistance with sperm transplants, different STD/STI prevention methods, and hormonal imbalance treatments are all examples of services needed for this community. At Avant Gynecology, we’re happy to discuss and assist with all of your gynecology needs. However, at this time, our office does not offer hormonal treatments. However, our expert staff is happy to refer you to someone in the area that you can trust.

Finding Allies in the Medical World

For many LGBTQ+ community members, a lot of anxiety understandably surrounds going to the doctor. After all, you’ve already faced many obstacles in the real world when it comes to receiving the care, love, and respect you deserve, and this can certainly be true at the doctor’s office.

Because of this, we understand scheduling appointments and finding a doctor you can trust may come with serious stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, this can lead to individuals avoiding annual exams and potentially more health complications.

The way to overcome this is communication and self-care best practices. When calling to make an appointment, ask the practice up-front if they support, or even specialize in, working with the LGBTQ+ community. Over-communicate with your doctor about what makes you comfortable, and even bring a friend or partner to your appointment to help support you.

While Avant Gynecology does not currently have staff who specialize in LGBTQ+ treatment, we are proud to treat the needs of all patients who come through our doors in a safe, judgment-free environment. We are also happy to direct patients to outside resources for related, but more specialized needs.

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community in need of safe gynecological care, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our team today, especially if you have more questions about OBGYN visits for the LGBTQIA community.