Dr. Durrett and Dr. Mora Return to “the Weekly Check-up” on Wsb Radio

Dr. Mora and Dr. Durrett on The Weekly Check-Up

On Sunday, January 30th, 2022, Avant Gynecology’s Drs. Lynley Durrett and Obiamaka Mora returned as guests on The Weekly Check-Up on News/Talk WSB Radio.

During the show, Drs. Durrett and Mora spoke about several women’s health topics with host Ashley Frasca. Some topics of discussion included mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 era, the importance of regular gynecological exams with personalized testing, hormone therapy and its alternatives, and menopause symptom management. They also talked about ThermiVa, the use of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene, Uterine fibroids and treatment with the Acessa procedure or myomectomy, urinary incontinence, libido, and heavy bleeding. They fielded calls from callers throughout the segment.

You can listen to the entire show below.

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