The Symptoms of Endometriosis and the Treatment Options Available

Woman with Endometriosis pain holding her stomach in a park.

Endometriosis is a painful issue that affects women of different age groups. The endometrium that naturally grows inside the uterine walls can spread to the outside of your uterus and start to spread and take over the reproductive parts of your body. Even though it is quite rare for it to happen, the endometrium can grow beyond the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus and reach your intestines, stomach, or other organs.

What Are the Symptoms and Risk Factors?

There are multiple symptoms of endometriosis, including:

  • Pain in the lower pelvic region
  • Painful periods (dysmenorrhea)
  • Heavier periods than usual
  • Difficulty getting pregnant

All women can have different symptoms depending on the severity of the endometriosis. For example, some women will have skipped periods and others may have intermittent bleeding between periods. The risk factors for endometriosis include if you have had a c-section, retrograde menstruation issues, higher than usual estrogen levels, never giving birth, and even alcohol consumption. Women who started their period at an early age may also be at a higher risk.

When Should Someone Seek Treatment for Endometriosis?

If you suspect that you have endometriosis, it is critical that you discuss your symptoms with a professional. Left untreated, endometriosis can cause severe problems, including damage to your reproductive organs and the other organs in the lower parts of your body. Endometriosis can be difficult to diagnose because its symptoms often can be related to other issues. Reach out to us at Avant Gynecology if you would like to know more about endometriosis, whether you have this female condition, and what types of treatments are available.

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