ThermiVA Instructions

Preparing For Treatment

  • A recent GYN annual (pelvic and breast exam with pap test if indicated) within the last year needs to be on file with our office prior to initiating treatment
  • Adequately hydrating 48 hours before the procedure helps ensure optimal results
  • Let your physician know if you are prone to herpes outbreaks, as your provider may want to prescribe an antiviral medication prior to the treatment
  • Shave or closely clip the external treatment area one to two days prior to the procedure.  (If you wax or are currently getting laser hair removal, it is recommended to have this 5-7 days before treatment)

Day of Treatment

  • Ensure treatment area is clean, dry and free of any make up or lotions
  • Empty bladder immediately before
  • Remove all jewelry before treatment
  • Let your provider know if you are prone to urinary tract infections or feel you may currently have a UTI or vaginal infection
  • A negative pregnancy test may be required for women of childbearing age


  • Implantable devices such as AICD’s (auxiliary internal cardiac devices), defibrillators, mechanical valves, pacemakers, neuro stimulators (such as Interstim) or any device that is affected by radio frequency energy.
  • Pregnancy
  • Active sexually transmitted disease
  • Current urinary tract infection
  • Greater than a stage II pelvic organ prolapse
  • Recent vaginal surgery or fillers may require alternative treatment (must be cleared post-op)

**Menstruating is not contraindicated. However, if you are in the middle of a heavy flow, you may want to consider rescheduling for your own comfort**


  • You may return to all normal activities after treatment
  • Adequate hydration after ThermiVa will help ensure optimal results
  • It is recommended to follow-up monthly for a total of three treatments