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How Stress Impacts Your Sex Life

We have all experienced stress. Whether caused by work, school, or personal factors, stress can easily interfere with many elements of your life. But did you know that stress can impact your sex life, leading to low libido?  Read more from our experts about how stress impacts your sex life! Decreased Sexual Drive When we […]

How to Prepare For Your First OBGYN Visit

If you’ve never visited an OBGYN before, it can be a daunting experience going to your first appointment. Not many people are comfortable talking about their reproductive parts, and it can be challenging to do that for the first time with an OBGYN doctor. At Avant Gynecology, our goal is to ensure our patients feel […]

What Is a Saline-Infused Sonogram?

A saline-infused sonogram is a procedure that explores the uterus and evaluates the uterine cavity. Often used to discover any abnormalities, the procedure uses sterile liquid to highlight the women’s reproductive system and present anything that might be wrong.  At Avant Gynecology, we are proud to offer this saline-infused sonogram procedure to patients. Want to […]

A New Uterine Fibroid Treatment: Learn All About Acessa!

For the 20 to 80 percent of women who will develop uterine fibroids by the time they’re 50, this painful condition can have negative impacts on quality of life. Despite how common this condition is, treatment options for uterine fibroids are limited, and the most common one, a hysterectomy, involves a drastic life change.  Thankfully, […]

The Truth Behind Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Whether you deal with this condition or not, chances are you’ve heard of PMS. While popular media may poke fun or make jokes about a woman’s mood swings caused by PMS, it’s a natural part of a woman’s life and crucial to understand.  Rumors and misinformation run rampant on this topic, which is why our […]

What is Urodynamic Testing?

When someone is having issues using the restroom or problems emptying their bladder, urodynamic tests are a medical tool used to assess the situation. These tests can officially diagnose patients with medical issues like urinary incontinence, a condition that impacts over 25 million adults in America. Curious to learn more? Keep reading! What Does a […]

Overactive Bladder 101

With more than 200,000 cases in the United States alone per year, overactive bladder (also called OAB) is a common medical condition many women and men experience. This urological issue causes a frequent, urgent need to use the restroom, sometimes even leading to accidents before a person has time to get to the bathroom. If […]

The Benefits of Keeping Your Pubic Hair

Over the past several decades, smooth, bare skin has become mainstream for millions of people, regardless of their gender. Many enjoy shaved skin, compared to when the hair is left to grow out naturally. Because of this, it’s become routine for some women to shave or wax their skin. Many times this results in the […]

How Your Happiness Can Impact Your Health

We’re all living through truly unprecedented times. From dealing with a global pandemic to processing national political unrest, it’s no surprise that many people are also experiencing mental health struggles as well. Despite how common these struggles are, it can be hard for many to prioritize their happiness. But you should, and here’s how happiness […]